Wednesday, March 18, 2009

API Committee Meeting

We have our spring committee meeting for the API aboveground storage tanks coming up the end of April. I have received several comments concerning errors in the current edition of API-650 including Addendum 1. There are other issues we will be discussing at this meeting. If you have some item of concern I would appreciate hearing from you. As a member of the subcomittee on design I am striving to help make corrections to the standards. I also wish to address the concerns of my clients with regard to the standard. I am currently working on an agenda item concerning Appendix J. If you have a comment concerning this Appendix, please let me know right away as I am trying to finalize the changes I wish to submit within the next week. You can email me your comments at I will keep you informed as to what is happening with the committee.

Friday, March 13, 2009

API-650 11th Edition Shell Nozzles

They are completed!! Shell Nozzle Reinforcement calculations are now included in ITSdesign! Here is what is included:

1) Recalculate shell thickness requirements at nozzle elevation for both design (including seismic) and hydrotest conditions.
2) Calculate available area of reinforcement for both design and hydrotest conditions taking into consideration material grades and temperatures.
3) Evaluate weld shear loads for all paths of failure.
4) Check nozzle necks, reinforcing pads, flanges, and blind flanges for impact testing due to design metal temperature.
5) Check nozzles for stress relieving requirements.
6) Check fillet weld and groove weld sizes for compliance with the minimums in the standards.
7) Check weld spacing between the nozzle neck weld or reinforcing pad weld and the bottom to shell weld.
8) Check weld spacing between nozzle neck weld or reinforcing pad weld and the horizontal weld seam above or below the nozzle.
9) Check weld spacing between nozzle neck weld or reinforcing pad weld and wind girder or vacuum rings.
10) Check minimum required thickness of shell nozzle necks and manhole necks.
11) Check manhole plate flange and plate blind flange thicknesses taking into consideration liquid depth, specific gravity, internal pressure, temperature and machining allowance on flange.
12) Includes requirements for Appendix A, J, and S.
13) Evaluate up to 24 different nozzles.

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