Monday, February 8, 2010

Supported Cone Roof without Column

We have just posted our newest version of ITSdesign. ITSdesign now has a design for a supported cone roof without a center column. This is available for AWWA D100 tanks and API 650 carbon steel field erected tanks (base code and Appendix A designs). The design includes the axial load on the rafter in addition to the bending loads. The center compression ring can be a standard channel, a channel shape fabricated from plate, or a bar shape. Loadings on both the center compression ring and the outer tension ring are evaluated. The rafters and center compression ring may be on the inside of the tank or on the outside of the roof. If they are on the exterior of the roof, they will have to be welded to the roof to transfer the loading on the roof plate to the rafters. This type of support system allows you to place the rafters on the outside of the tank when you have a interior lining on the tank. Also, if you have a tall tank this can eliminate the long center column. If you are not currently a user of our ITSdesign program, be sure to download our free trial version from