Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Table 5-21a

It has been pointed out to me that I have an error in my previous blog concerning this subject. In it I stated that the multiplying factor 0.785 was left out. However, this factor should be 785. I double checked our ITSdesign software to confirm that we are using 785 and not 0.785. We are using the 785 factor. I will bring this up at the next API meeting to make sure this is corrected in the code.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ITSdesign Webinars Coming to Your Computer

Have you wanted to see how our ITSdesign software program before you downloaded your trial version? Have you wanted to have someone walk you through the ITSdesign program to show you how the various screens work? Would you like a live demonstration of the ITSdesign program? We will be starting to do live webinar demonstrations of our ITSdesign software. Right now we are setting up dates and times for these demonstrations. Within the next couple of weeks you will be seeing postings here on our blog giving dates and times we will be doing these webinars. The number of participants for each webinar will be limited and will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Check back to see when they will be held and how to sign up for one.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Question on Table 5-21a

A question was asked concerning the formulas in Table 5-21a which is the Uplift Loads for SI units. The pressure formulas even in Addendum 1 to the 11th Edition have left out the multiplying factor 0.785 which is pi/4. Agenda item 650-646 revises the formula to include this multiplier. It also is revising the formulas in many other ways. ITSdesign uses the formulas approved in Agenda item 650-646. This was not approved soon enough to be part of Addendum 1 but should be part of the Addendum 2. I am not sure why this was not caught before Addendum 1 was published.

ITSdesign for 64 Bit Operating Systems

The PC computer industry is changing from 32 bit operating systems to 64 bit operating sytems. When the industry went from Windows98 to Windows XP operting systems we found that we had to modify our software to work on either operating system. The 64 bit operating system has been around for a while. However, it is just now that this operating system is becoming the standard rather than the exception. In looking at the computers available in retail stores, there are some 32 bit systems. However, there are an increasing number of 64 bit systems. In keeping with this trend, we have modified our ITSdesign software to work on not only Windows98 and Windows XP (32 bit) systems but also with the 64 bit systems. We have verified that ITSdesign will now operating on both the Windows XP 64 and the Windows Vista 64 operating systems. You can be confident that if you upgrade your computer to the 64 bit systems you will still be able to run our ITSdesign software. If you have not tried ITSdesign, go to our website at and download a trial copy.