Monday, July 28, 2008

New Revisions to ITSdesign

I have just posted a revision to ITSdesign. In this revision I added new data entries for shell and roof appurtenance weights in the corroded condition. This allows you to have a different weight for the new and corroded condition. I also added a new data entry for the percentage of the roof appurtenances that is transferred to the shell. For column supported roofs this allows you to specify how much of the weight is transferred to the shell for resistance to overturning. The appurtenace weights have also been added to the resistance to uplift when internal pressure is present. For wind girder required section modulus I have added the 'm' factor to account for increased loading per I also added to check whether Appendix F calculations need to performed based on the weight of the roof and appurtenances as compared to the uplift due to internal pressure.

For those who are using ITSdesign, see the Revision block for other minor revisions to ITSdesign. We continue to strive to make ITSdesign as accurate and complete as possible. Suggestions for additions and corrections are always welcome.

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