Tuesday, January 20, 2009

API-650 11th Edition Addendum 1 - Part 3

Today we will look at the changes to the appendices. There have been some major additions.

1) Added Appendix AL - this is a complete section for the design, fabrication, erection and testing of aluminum tanks.
2) In Appendix B, they added section B.6 for tank foundations for tanks with elevated temperatures.
3) Added Appendix EC - a commentary on the seismic Appendix E including examples.
4) Revised Appendix F to use the yield strength of the material in formulas F.4.1 and F.5.1.
5) Appendix H added load combinations for floating roof supports.
6) Appendix M added a new paragraph M.3.3 to address the changes to to use Fy. This caused them to renumber everything below this. It appears that the new M.3.7 did not get changed to conform to the changes to Appendix F and will have to be modified.
7) Appendix S added that it is for a maximum of 200' diameter tank.
8) Appendix S added S.4.11.3 to allow the shop welding of narrow plate to form wider shell plate.
9) Added Appendix SC to allow mixed material (carbon steel and stainless steel) in the same tank.
10) Appendix V revised the maximum wind pressure formula, corrected various formulas, and added new formulas. The new formulas include the added stability factor. This sets the values for the stability factor and will require at least two different checks.
11) Added Appendix X to allow tanks built using Duplex Stainless Steel.

This covers most of the changes that are a part of Addendum 1. Some have minor affects. However, there are some major changes. We are working on incorporating these changes in our ITSdesign software and will keep you informed as to how that is going.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,
With apologees that I have to writeto you. I have been trying to get a response from ITS to get the activation code to try out ITSdesign tank program ... but ITS has so far not replied.
Wld appreciate your help if possible. Thank You.
Rgds, MHTang/Toyo Eng. Corp.
email: tang@ga.toyo-eng.co.jp

Anonymous said...

withe reference to appendix E commentary and in particular the worked example #3, the eqns presented on page EC-17 are not correct leaving out I and R. There are typos like equals signs missing, as well as things like Q=0.77g, which is in fact a calculation of Ai by the alternate method. I have found 7 errors of presentation and fact in 7 lines. The real beauty is the use of the word "alliteratively" instead of "alternately".

I am new to blogging, but if the above makes sense I can send you my e-mail address but i don't want to publish it here.

Simon Turner

Anonymous said...

To contact me directly with an email please send it to jschroeder@innovativetanksolution.com. I would like to hear from you on this issue.