Wednesday, March 18, 2009

API Committee Meeting

We have our spring committee meeting for the API aboveground storage tanks coming up the end of April. I have received several comments concerning errors in the current edition of API-650 including Addendum 1. There are other issues we will be discussing at this meeting. If you have some item of concern I would appreciate hearing from you. As a member of the subcomittee on design I am striving to help make corrections to the standards. I also wish to address the concerns of my clients with regard to the standard. I am currently working on an agenda item concerning Appendix J. If you have a comment concerning this Appendix, please let me know right away as I am trying to finalize the changes I wish to submit within the next week. You can email me your comments at I will keep you informed as to what is happening with the committee.

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Torsani, F. L. said...

Dear Mr. Schroeder
I am a Mechanical Engineer from Brazil and I am calculating a API-650 tank.
I believe that pressure formulas at table 5-21a are wrong in both, 2007 and 2008 addenda. Using 2008units I suggest that:
{[(P(kPa)-K*th(mm))*D(m)^2]-W1(kN)}*0.001 = U(N).
Where constant K = pi/4*7850(kg/m^3)*9,81(m/s^2)=60482,3 (Is K*th*D^2 the roof weight, right?)


Eng. Fernando Luiz Torsani