Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frangible Roof Design

Some of you have been asking when we would be releasing a version of ITSdesign with Frangible Roof Designs. We have just released that version. Yes, we now have Frangible Roof Designs in accordance with Addendum 1 of the 11th Edition. There are four different sets of requirements in The first is for tanks that are 50' in diameter or greater. The second is for tanks 30' in diameter but less than 50' diameter and self anchored. The third is for tanks less than 50' in diameter and self anchored (this requires an elastic analysis). The fourth is for tanks of any size that are anchored. ITSdesign includes the first, second, and fourth options.

We continue to add to our program. If you have not seen what our program can do, visit our website at www.innovativetanksolution.com and download a trial version. We look forward to your comments and to the next addition to our program.

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