Saturday, June 26, 2010

API 650 Approved Agenda Items

We have just posted a new version of ITSdesign in which we did some minor corrections. One of those was to add the test pressure (1.25P) to the liquid height instead of just P for hydrotest when F.7 calculations are required. We also increased the allowable anchor bolt diameter for some grades of material and added A1554-105. We also did some other minor corrections.

The big change is that we have added several approved agenda items from the API committee meetings to our program. You must have client approval to be able to use agenda items that have been approved but not published in an addendum. These are items that will be published in the next addendum. Several of these affect shop built tanks as we have approval to use the materials at DMT listed in Appendix A without the impact testing. We also can build a shop built tank out of material thicker than 1/2". The other big change is changes in the wind calculations in 5.11 and changes in the formulas in Appendix F. These changes will have an affect on whether anchorage of tanks is required for wind and for wind/pressure combinations.

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