Thursday, January 20, 2011

Insulation thickness added to ITSdesign

We have just released a new version of ITSdesign that includes entries for insulation thickness and weights. You have the option of having insulation on just the shell, just the roof, or both. The insulation thickness and weight can be different for the shell and the roof. You can also specify as to whether the insulation weight is to be used in the resistance to overturning for wind and seismic calculations. The addition of insulation thickness affects the area of the tank exposed to wind. In the printouts for wind you will see a different value for the tank diameter and height when detemining the area exposed when the tank is insulated. This increases the overturning moment and the sliding forces. For seismic you will see an increase in the weights. Insulation thicknesses and weights are also shown in the printouts including in the loadings page.

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