Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Bay Rafters

I would like to annouce that we just released an update to ITSdesign that includes 3-bay rafter systems. This applies to API-650 and AWWA D-100 tanks. In this update we also corrected some calculations related to SI units including the change from using 0.785 as the factor for pressure in the anchorage calculations to using 785. This change may possibly appear in Addendum 1 when it is released (still no proof copy yet). We continue to expand the capabilities of ITSdesign in both US and SI units. Also, we continue to verify that it is up to the latest edition of the code. If you have not tried ITSdesign, you can download a trial copy at www.innovativetanksolution.com. You will find the program easy to use. If you do have questions, we are here to answer them. You can contact us at its@innovativetanksolution.com or by calling 651-480-0258.

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