Thursday, May 15, 2008

API-650 Table 5-21 Uplift Loads for Anchorage

After returning from the API committee meeting I began looking at revising ITSdesign to conform to the changes approved to Table 5-21, Uplift Loads for anchorage. I had reviewed the changes proposed and agree with the changes being made. However, as I began rewriting the program and checking the output, it appears to me that the factor in Table 5-21a (SI units) is wrong. In looking back at even the 10th Edition, Addendum 3, it has a value of 0.785 for the factor when working with pressure. However, the pressure is in kPa while the result is to be in N. When checking the units we are off by a factor of 1000. I have written a note to the person who handled the agenda item and requested a claification. I will let you know what his response is once I receive it. In the meantime, I am revising ITSdesign for the SI units to use a factor of 785 instead of 0.785. I will also be incorporating the changes as approved by the committee for the agenda item.

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