Thursday, October 16, 2008

API-650 11th Edition Addendum 1

It has been a while since I posted. I will be trying to correct this in the future. First, there have been many questions concerning when Addendum 1 to the 11th Edition will be released. We are all still asking that question. I have asked API and am waiting for a reply. It might be November but we shall see. At the April meeting we were told that Addendum 2 would be released by the end of this year. Who knows, maybe Addendum 2 will be released before Addendum 1! I will be attending the API committee meetings in early November. By then we should have some type of answer.

I have submitted a series of inquires to API to try to get answered at this next meeting in November. After the meeting I will let you know what the results are of these inquires.

With regard to our software, ITSdesign, we have made several revisions to the program. An addition was made to allow you to enter additional wind moments and wind shears. We have added IPE, IPN, and HEA beam shapes to our SI database. We have also corrected some beam weight problems in the SI database. With regard to seismic designs, we have added a checkbox for entering "Peak Ground Acceleration" and values for "Q" to accomodate seismic areas not covered by ASCE7. Other minor corrections have also been done.

In my next post I will comment on some more of the changes that supposedly are coming in Addendum 1.

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