Thursday, October 30, 2008

API Inquiries

In the past one of the items at the API committee meetings has been the review of inquiries sent in by those of you who had questions concerning some aspect of the API-650, API-653, or API-620 codes. There have been some changes going on that has prevented this from happening or has reduced which inquiries would be reviewed at the committee meeting. After the last meeting I thought this had been worked out so that at this meeting inquiries would once again be considered. In fact the schedule has a time set aside for this. I had submitted several inquires last time and resubmitted them this time anticipating that I would have answers at this meeting. After requesting verification that my inquiries had been received by the right person, I received a reply that said API has changed their requirements once again on how inquiries are to be handled. I am not sure what all this entails but hope to have it explained at the meeting in November. What I do know is that some of the committees accepted this new process and are following it. However, the committee that would be reviewing the inquiries I submitted decided that instead of using the new process they simple would not review or answer inquiries. I do not now where this leaves us. We shall see.

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